Since ICRA 2014


We accepted ten top universities into the Beta program, and have been busy building out the system, designing for manufacture, sourcing components, and spooling up production.


A few key technical developments to highlight:
- no more USB cords! Morgan Quigley has designed an interface board that speaks to the motors and sensors and ships data out via UDP packets over ethernet. This simplifies the previous system, which required several different cords and plugs.
- palm redesign - now with integrated wide-field sensors
- integrated encoders on the proximal links
- a visualizer and ros packages were developed so you can see what is happening


The beta program is closed as we prepare for the full product launch in the spring. In the meantime, a low-cost version of the hand, the ReFlex SF is available for order now (lead time 8 weeks) and for those that can't wait for the full hand, we will be prioritizing ReFlex SF customers, who are eligible to trade-in for a discount on the ReFlex SE.

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